Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Spring!!

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Happy Wednesday, y'all!!! It's looking like Spring!! It's been sunny and warm, and I am SO happy I no longer live in the frozen north land. I heard something about a major snow storm happening, and I gotta be honest - I don't miss it AT ALL!!

Anyway, since it's been 80 degrees here, and all warm and spring like, I decided to read books about Spring!! YAY!!

Opening Song: Shake My Sillies Out - Raffi

Book: Wake up, It's Spring! by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Pretend: We pretended to plant some flowers! (dig the hole, I handed out "seeds," plant the seed, cover the hole, water the seed, etc...)

Book: Mouse's First Spring by Lauren Thompson

Rhyme: This Little Piggy

Book: Splish, Splash, Spring by Jan Carr

Craft: Kite Craft from All Kids Network.

And, of course, it's FMRNS!!! WHOOOOT!!!!! A couple of weeks ago, A and I celebrated the viewing of our 350th movie!!!! How exciting is that?!?! This week, we're planning a Documentary Double Feature!!

First, we've decided to record tonight's American Idol (since it's 2 hours), and actually watch tonight's ANTM (Who will be eliminated tonight?!). After that, we'll watch the first of our two selections. Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids is a documentary made in 2004 about the children of the prostitutes who work in Calcutta's Red Light district.

The second movie isn't actually on "The List" yet. (The List has not yet been updated online - we've watched an additional 52 movies since I posted The List. Better get on updating that!!) We will watch it and decide if it is "list-worthy." If it is, then we'll add it, and if not, we will say in our judgey-est voices "NOT LIST-WORTHY!!!" all while shaking our fingers at the screen. (Though I love it when the movies ARE list-worthy, it is kinda fun to deem a movie NOT list-worthy!)

Anyway, our second feature TBD List-worthy is Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, a documentary made in 2010. Should be fun - that woman is crazy!!! I'll let you know the verdict!!

Oh, and we will also be having a moment of silence for the late, great Elizabeth Taylor. There have been a couple of her movies on the list, including Lassie Come Home from 1943, National Velvet from 1944, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof from 1958, and Suddenly, Last Summer from 1959. Rest in Peace, Ms. Taylor.


Miss Christine said...

Now Real Librarian, we do spring storytimes up here too! :) My friend is doing one in a week about hats, and I know others are doing ducks, wind, etc. It's just "spring" means something different in Tennessee than it does up north.

a real librarian said...

Oh, I definitely agree that "spring" means different things! I love all the spring-y ideas that you and your coworkers have!!