Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review and Giveaway!! Drinking Closer to Home by Jessica Anya Blau

Summary: They say you can never really go home again. Adult siblings Anna, Portia, and Emery are about to discover just how true that is.-- Harper Perennial

The summary of the book, Drinking Closer to Home by Jessica Anya Blau, barely gives you even a mini peek into this novel. I was excited about this one, because I like reading about interesting and maybe a little dysfunctional families. I think that while this family had some pretty over the top dynamics, everyone will be able to relate in some way to this special family.

I found myself enjoying all of the main characters, Buzzy, Louise, Anna, Portia and Emery, but also the supporting cast as well. Even though some of the decisions they made were questionable (at BEST), I found them to be very likable. When I say questionable, I mean Louise, the ‘mom,’ decides one day that she is done being a mother. She leaves Anna and Portia to cook, clean and take care of Emery, their little brother.

But instead of being shocked by their behavior, I found myself shaking my head and saying “oh, Louise, that’s so like you.” I am sure that’s because of the Ms. Blau’s writing style. The dialogue between characters was never forced and always flowed naturally. The characters were all very well developed, and she managed to bring humor into some high drama situations. I found myself laughing at several points in the story. And I KNOW I shouldn’t have been laughing, but the family was so crazy that you just had to sometimes.

I highly recommend Drinking Closer to Home to anyone who wants a good story. This is also good for book clubs and discussion groups, because it comes with a reading guide, too!!

I’d like to give away my copy of Drinking Closer to Home to the highest bidder. No, no, I'm just kidding!! But I do want to give away my gently read copy to one of my readers!! Simply fill out the form below by Friday, April 7, and I’ll choose a winner using Random.org on Saturday, April 8! This give is open to anybody!! Good luck!!


I just have to let you know that Jessica Anya Blau herself just emailed me (WOW!!) and offered a SIGNED copy to the winner of my giveaway!! How exciting and super generous of her!!! So, now I'll be choosing TWO winners - the top winner will receive a special signed copy, and the runner up will receive a gently read (and loved!) copy of Drinking Closer to Home!! HOOOORAY!!!!!

Thank you to the publisher, who sent me a copy of this novel!!!

**There is still time to enter my last giveaway, too!!**


bermudaonion said...

I'm so glad to see you enjoyed this so much! It sounds like the characters felt like old friends. I can't wait to read it.

Amanda said...

Very cool- i'm all about drinking at home!

Jel said...

id love to win!
goodluck to all :)
and thanks btw

Nancye said...

Thanks for the chance!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net