Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Down at the end of Lonely Street...

So last weekend, my dear hubby and I decided to take a little road trip to Memphis! It was such a great time!!! DH is a huge Elvis fan, so we definitely wanted to hit up Memphis and Graceland before we moved away from the South.

We left Friday morning and went straight to Graceland. We toured the mansion, and all the museums (including the Car Museum, and the airplanes - The Lisa Marie and The Hound Dog II. Here is an Overview of the tours and exhibits). It was so fun!! Even though I am not a HUGE Elvis fan (don't get me wrong - he IS the King!), I totally felt his vibe and spirit all over the place. My DH was especially moved by the experience, which was very exciting for me! He was so happy to be there and so excited - seeing him like that was so fun!

Here are some pictures from Graceland!!

The living room:

The kitchen:
The dining room:
The TV room:
The Pool room:

The Jungle room:

The Racquetball building - this held hundreds of awards (this pic doesn't even do it justice), records, as well as a couple of Elvis's famous suits:

The meditation garden:

A couple of things from his Car/Motorcycle museum:

After some fabulous recommendations from a fabulous friend, DH and I went to Central Barbecue for the BEST BBQ in Memphis!!

Later that evening, we went to Beale Street!!! There was a huge street fair kind of vibe going on! Music pouring out of everywhere, people walking around, dancing, drinking - it was a BLAST!!!

To top it all off, we stayed down at the end of Lonely Street - at the Heartbreak Hotel!!

It was the most awesome little trip!! It came at the perfect time - I have actually been itching to get out of town for a while.

Thanks for coming along to the recap!!


Rhonda said...

Yay....what great pics. I'm so glad that you had a great time.

Amanda said...

How fun & Great pics! I saw Beale Street wheN I was in Memphis and it looked like it would be a great party place.

Sarita said...

I HEART ELVIS. This blog post made my heart skip a beat. Someday I will get to Graceland!!!!!

Amanda said...

How fun! I love your photo tour :) I love that you stayed at Heartbreak Hotel!

Leslie said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the virtual tour. :)