Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where did you come from?

It's time once again for "how did you find me!" This is where I look at my StatCounter and check out the key words that people have used to find my blog. Some of them are pretty...interesting!!

room to read john wood (John Wood was the speaker for the opening session at PLA. His story is amazing and very inspirational. You should definitely check out the Room to Read site!!

big boob librarian stories (I don't remember telling any big boob stories...)

library lovers (I hope there are some library lovers out there!)

adam and the couch potatoes (now THEY were a good time!)

librarians give it away for free (well, I guess we do!)

real confessions (that's me!)

wefest boobs (ok, what's up with all the boobs?)

tuesday is the best day of the week (well, it's true!)

Anyway, however you found me, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for reading my blog!!


Arielle said...

That is pretty funny!!!

Stephanie said...

You know how I found you!! Anyways, how do you get your "currently reading" picture on the side? I can't figure it out.....