Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update on the broken doors

You might remember this post from the other day, explaining what in the library IS and IS NOT a toy.

I also mentioned that our new automatic sliding doors were broken.

I got a couple of comments - one of which said that breaking the doors would be impossible for a 6 year old.

Turns out, we're both right. It seems that our brand new automatic sliding doors are also 'breakaway' doors, so in case of a power outage, we would still be able to open the doors. Well, the 6 year old had managed to put the door off it's track, therefore causing it to not open and shut automatically as it is supposed to. Broken, yet NOT broken.

You'd think that the powers that be would have informed us of the 'breakaway' feature.

Anyway, the doors are now fixed and all is well in my brand new fabulous library.

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