Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: Blood of my Brother by James LePore

I love a good suspense novel, and that's exactly what I got with James LePore's Blood of my Brother.


When Jay Cassio's best friend is murdered in a job clearly done by professionals, the walls that he has built to protect himself from the world of others begin to shatter. Dan Del Colliano had been his confidante and protector since the men were children on the savage streets of Newark, New Jersey. When Dan supports and revives Jay after Jay's parents die in a plane crash, their bond deepens to something beyond brotherhood, beyond blood. Now Jay, a successful lawyer, must find out why Dan died and find a way to seek justice for his murder. Isabel Perez has lived a life both tainted and charmed since she was a teenager in Mexico. She holds powerful sway over men and has even more powerful alliances with people no one should ever try to cross. She desperately wants her freedom from the chains these people have placed on her. When Jay catapults into her world, their connection is electric, their alliance is lethal, and their future is anything but certain.

My Review:

I have to admit, I was totally grabbed the cover. What an intense picture!! I know better than to judge a book by it's cover, but I couldn't help but think this one was going to be awesome.

Luckily, I was right! This book takes you inside a friendship that began back in a turbulent time in the lives of two young boys, during the riots in Newark, New Jersey. This friendship between Jay Cassio and Daniel Del Colliano bordered on brotherhood, and lasted through adulthood until Daniel's murder. Jay, determined to find his best friend's killer, launches into an investigation that will either lead to Daniel's killer, or get himself killed for looking.

This is a fast paced novel that will catch you right from the beginning. LePore seamlessly moves back and forth from the past (how the young boys met, as well as other important times in the boys' lives), to the present. The plot grows deeper and deeper throughout the novel, involving a host of characters and some scary bad guys in high places. All of the characters bring something different and intriguing to the table, and you'll follow some twists and turns as you are introduced to each of them.

James LePore has delivered a great novel for those who love thrillers and suspense!! Definitely check this one out!!!

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