Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Library question of the day

I really haven't been posting much, so two posts in as many days is insane!! But, I just couldn't let this one go without a mention...

**ring, ring**

Real Librarian: Fabulous Public Library, this is A Real Librarian, can I help you?
Lady Caller: Hi yes, my husband lost our phone, and he thinks it might either be there or at the grocery store.
RL: Ok, well, I don't see anything turned in here at the desk, but I can check in the lost and found for you, too.
LC: Well, it's not like a cell's our home phone.
RL: *trying not to laugh* Um, okay, well, I'll check. *checks* Nope, I didn't see a phone at all.
LC: Thanks for checking.

I wonder what this lady is thinking about her husband...

I suppose I shouldn't talk, though. Sometimes, while working at the retail store, I carry the cordless phone around hooked onto my pants pocket. Well, one morning, I'm driving back to the store from the bank, when I hear a dialtone. You guessed it, I brought the phone with me to the bank. Nice. At least I didn't take it home, right?!


Christy said...

Oh my gosh that's totally crazy. haha

Anonymous said...

He must be mortified - why else would she calling for him?