Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The greatest gift

So, here is a great customer story for you. You might know that I am still working part time in retail while I am working part time at the library. It's kinda nice to still be there (because I love my co-workers, not to mention my discount!), because I still get to deal with people like this...

There is a woman who comes into our store. I like to call her The Tornado, because she leaves a wake of destruction wherever she goes. She also leaves a pile of clothes inside out on the floor of the dressing room. She also "spends a lot of money in this store," so she thinks she deserves the royal treatment. She also treats the employees at the store like we are her servants, and like she KNOWS she is better than us. Oh, and did I mention she used to work for the company???

Well, the Tornado comes in and walks straight up to me, knowing that I am a manager and can do whatever she needs. She has multiple returns, two of which she doesn't have receipts for, and one of which is a big ol' mess. So, she comes in knowing that this is going to take a hot minute. I start in on the first return, which happens to be the one that's the big ol' mess, and get caught up in something that I had not ever dealt with before. I go back to talk to my manager to get it all figured out, come out to ask her a question, at which point, she starts to get really snippy. This is when I figure out (and the receipts we looked up confirmed it) that The Tornado is trying to pull something over on us and get more money back that she paid for the items. Because it's always the ones who get loud and belligerent who are trying to scam you.

Anyway, while I am looking up her receipts, she starts snapping at my employees because I am taking so long. She demands that I just "figure it out and call her," but when my employee asked if I had her number, she screeched "UGH, Attitude!!" (Um, it seems like a perfectly logical question to me!)

Anyway, I come back out to tell her that we were still finding her receipts.

The Tornado: Can't you just figure it out and call me?
Real Librarian: Well, we're just finding out (technical receipt issues too dull to explain), so it'll be just a minute.
TT: *practically yelling* What I am TRYING to TELL you, is that I have my FAMILY in the CAR, and I can't WAIT for you.
RL: *in the least bitchy tone I can manage, which was pretty good, I might add. I have witnesses* Please don't snap at me, we're just trying to figure out what we can do for you.
TT: *throwing her hands up and walking away snickering* Ohhh, you're right, I'm wrong, you're right, I'm wrong.
RL: Um, okay.

Well, needless to say, I was not sad to see her leave my store. Come to find out she went to another store to do her returns. She complained about me to hell and back, and said "when I find out who that girl was who was so rude to me, I'm going to come back and complain." And then she gave us the greatest gift of all...

TT: I will NEVER go back to that store.

Thank you, Tornado. Thank you.


Kat Bryan said...

LOL I think it's a rule - atleast one TT per store!

shelby said...

LMAO - the Tornado! Good riddance, huh?

bermudaonion said...

Oh, the joys of retail!

911 and the Randomness.. said...

That's more then a hot mess there!! what a shame you'll never have to deal with her again. Hope she keeps her word! :)

Amanda said...

O my gosh, that is hilarious!! You should totally write a book. Love it!

Sunny @ the Library said...


Evil like that always *says* they aren't ever going to come back, but it always does. It feeds on it.

Anonymous said...

And I wonder why I ever left retail in the first place. You have my utmost admiration for keeping your cool - I know how hard it is!

Let's hope TT keeps her word and never, ever darkens your day again!

amy said...

haha...after the week I have had in retail, this made me laugh! In so feel your pain. and Sunny@the Library is right...those customers always say they aren't coming back, but then like a week later, there they are. good luck!

Lmarie said...

OMG- does that mean we don't have to deal the with "the tornado" any more? YAY!