Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A side of ice...

So, it's been a while since I've posted a life update, so I thought I might give you a little inside scoop into the world of A Real Librarian...

My hubby and I made it to Minnesota and we've been here for about a month and a half. Go figure - it's the coldest winter they've had in MN in a really long time. Nice. Let me give you a little back story. I HATE winter. My hell is not flames and heat, it's frigid cold and ice. I moved south for several reasons - the most prominent being WINTER SUCKS GIGANTIC FROZEN DONKEY BALLS.

I woke up today to the temperature of -10. With the wind chill that translated to -25 or so. Yeah. NEGATIVE 25!!!!!! How anyone lives here and likes it is beyond me. I once heard my dad say "yeah, it's warmed up to zero." WARMED up to ZERO?!?!?! Hell...I'm in hell.

Anyway, I'll get off the frigid temperatures for a minute. I am no longer an unemployed Minnesotan! WHOOOOT!!!! I am not, however, a real librarian...yet. I am working at a clothing store. Retail. I have a new found respect for anyone who works retail. Standing on your feet all day is hard work! And I gotta tell ya - listening to Christmas music all day pretty much BLOWS (Normally, I like Christmas music a day or two before...I've been listening to it constantly at work since I started!). Luckily, I have had great experiences so far with my customers, and my coworkers seem pretty great, too. And I am LOVING my employee discount. Especially exciting because I have pretty much NO winter clothes, and definitely no winter professional clothes. So, yay for being employed, and yay for employee discounts!!!

I had an interview with a public library last week, but unfortunately I was not selected for a second interview. Which is okay - I didn't have the management experience that they were looking for. I'm pretty pumped that I got an interview, though!! (Does that sound a too much like "It's an honor just to be nominated!"?) I also had a phone interview on Friday for a job that would be pretty much perfect. A children's librarian position!!! I should find out in the next day or two if I am selected for an in person interview - wish me luck!!!

I'll leave you with a patron story... Or, as they are called in retail, "customers."

Lady with a coupon: So, how does this coupon work?
Real Librarian: Well, if you spend $50, then you get $25 off!
LwaC: Oh, so does it work like cash? I can use this to buy stuff?
RL: No, actually, you have to spend $50 first, then we use this coupon to take $25 off.
LwaC: Oh, I see. So does it work like cash?
RL: **mentally slaps head**

Stupid patrons are everywhere!! =)


bermudaonion said...

I feel your pain on working retail. I did it one Christmas. The store I worked in played a Dolly Parton CD a lot. I'm not a big Dolly Parton fan and I thought I would scream if I heard "Hard Candy Christmas" one more time.

Becky said...

Good luck with your job search. I hope you get that interview!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the update! I've been thinking about you. And don't worry, that perfect job will come along soon for the perfect librarian!!!

Christy said...

I'm sorry about the cold weather...yuck, I can't imagine those temps.
::Vibes:: that you get an interview for the child librarian position!

Hahaha silly customer.

With a smile....Dannie said...

you think thats a good one, head over to

thye have tons and tons of stupid customer things!

Amanda said...

Stay warm Ms. KS! GL getting your dream job :)

Azull said...

"warmed up to zero" I LOVE IT!! haha Yeah I'd say that is cold!! brrrrr
Yeah for the job, boo that it's not in a Library. At least you are finally home w/your hubby.

FullzGirl said...

Whatup Katie Sue! Hey keep us updated on that job! Merry Christmas!!!

Barrie said...

Merry Christmas and hope all is going well with you. Sounds as though you're settling in, despite the temps!

Alyssa from Buy Kindle said...

I don't call such patrons "stupid", just "mentally slow".