Monday, December 15, 2008

MATRIMONY - Review and Giveaway!!

I am very excited to have been contacted by author Joshua Henkin about his most recent novel, MATRIMONY. I actually read this book after reading several reviews about it from other fabulous book bloggers, even before I got the email from Mr. Henkin. It seemed like it would be a great story, and I couldn't wait to read it! Did I mention that MATRIMONY is also a New York Times Notable Book?

Here is the description of the novel:

It's the fall of 1986, and Julian Wainwright, an aspiring writer, arrives at Graymont College in New England. Here he meets Carter Heinz, with whom he develops a strong but ambivalent friendship, and beautiful Mia Mendelsohn, with whom he falls in love. Spurred on by a family tragedy, Julian and Mia's love affair will carry them to graduation and beyond, taking them through several college towns, over the next fifteen years. Starting at the height of the Reagan era and ending in the new millennium, Matrimony is a stunning novel of love and friendship, money and ambition, desire and tensions of faith. It is a richly detailed portrait of what it means to share a life with someone-to do it when you're young, and to try to do it afresh on the brink of middle age.

I enjoyed this book. I really felt that the characters had depth. They all started out as college students, and evolved through the years. They grew and learned from their experiences and mistakes, which is always great to see. All of the individual characters were interesting and believable on their own, and the relationships that they formed together were also convincing. I felt that Henkin showed the reader relationships, rather than tell about them (Even though one of Professor Chesterfield's rules said "Thou shalt not utter the phrase 'show, don't tell' when discussing another's short stories" – it still describes what Henkin did with his story). I definitely think this book is worth picking up and checking out!!

In fact, we're going to do a giveaway!!! HOOORAY!!! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win. It's that simple!! The only rule is that you HAVE to post an email address so I'll have a way to get in contact with you if you win. If there is a comment that doesn't have an email address, it will be deleted, and you will not be entered. Not trying to be mean, but like I said – we need to be able to contact you if you win! Oh, and the coolest part? This contest is open to ANYONE in the world!! The last day to comment will be midnight on Monday, December 22, and I'll choose the winner on Tuesday, December 23!!

Check out this post, where Joshua talks about visiting book groups!

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Good luck and happy reading!!!


kaitlin said...

Sweet! I just saw this on another site and thought it looked like a good read. Sign me up :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Katie Sue! I miss youuuuuuuuuu!! Looks like a fabulous book!!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like a great book!

Erin said...

Sounds like a good book!

April Ziegler said...

How exciting! It looks like an interesting read!! =)

Amanda said...

O yippee!! I've been trying and trying to win this one. You have my email but I'll give you my new blogger email :)


Angela said...

I know you will rig this so that I win, right?

Thanks in advance! ;)

ddurance said...

I am totally interested. Enter me please!

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Ek! First comment! That's my first time!

I would like to enter the contest. The review was great, now to check the others.

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Morbid Romantic said...

I would LOVE a chance to win!

MissRancher said...

Me me me!!

Stephanie said...

You have no idea how many times I've tried to win this book!!

How's your new home treating you? Bet you're pretty cold right now.

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Anna said...

No need to enter me, as I have a giveaway for the book running right now, too. Just wanted to pop in and say I enjoyed your review. I haven't read the book yet (it's in my stack) but I can't wait. I love character-driven novels.

Diary of an Eccentric

Anita Yancey said...

I have heard a lot about this book, and I really want to read it.
Please enter me.

Tracey said...

I just bought this book for my mom-in-law since I thought she would love it.

stacey @ bookthirty said...

Thanks for the giveaway - and happy holidays!

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