Friday, February 29, 2008

It's like Christmas all over again!

I am so excited - I just got several new books to read from the library - and one as a surprise gift!! It's like Christmas all over again - and I can't wait to start reading. I know exactly which one I am going to read first!!! Here's what just came in at the library, complete with reviews from Amazon.

Seventh Heaven by James Patterson

From Publishers Weekly
At the start of the gripping seventh Women's Murder Club thriller from bestseller Patterson and Paetro (after 2007's The 6th Target), San Francisco is still haunted by the disappearance of Michael Campion, the much-adored teenage son of a former California governor, three months earlier. Following up on a tip that Michael was last seen entering a prostitute's house, homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer and her new partner, Rich Conklin, are shocked when the hooker immediately confesses that Michael, who had a heart defect, died during sex and she disposed of his body. Lindsay's ADA pal, Yuki Castellano, is sure she has a slam-dunk case, but the trial soon takes a bizarre turn. Lindsay and Rich also scramble to track down a serial arsonist responsible for murdering a string of wealthy couples. Lindsay races to put the pieces together before the fires hit too close to home. In true Patterson style, the reader is privy to Lindsay's thoughts as well as the killers', ratcheting up the suspense an extra notch. Fans won't be disappointed with the twist at the end that not even Lindsay sees coming.

Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy

From Publishers Weekly
Diagnosed at age nine with Ewing's sarcoma, a cancer that severely disfigured her face, Grealy lost half her jaw, recovered after two and half years of chemotherapy and radiation, then underwent plastic surgery over the next 20 years to reconstruct her jaw. This harrowing, lyrical autobiographical memoir, which grew out of an award-winning article published in Harper's in 1993, is a striking meditation on the distorting effects of our culture's preoccupation with physical beauty. Extremely self-conscious and shy, Grealy endured insults and ostracism as a teenager in Spring Valley, N.Y. At Sarah Lawrence College in the mid-1980s, she discovered poetry as a vehicle for her pent-up emotions. During graduate school at the University of Iowa, she had a series of unsatisfying sexual affairs, hoping to prove she was lovable. No longer eligible for medical coverage, she moved to London to take advantage of Britain's socialized medicine, and underwent a 13-hour operation in Scotland. Grealy now lives in New York City. Her discovery that true beauty lies within makes this a wise and healing book.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

From School Library Journal
Grade 9 Up–Recovered from the vampire attack that hospitalized her in the conclusion of Twilight (Little, Brown, 2005), Bella celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend Edward and his family, a unique clan of vampires that has sworn off human blood. But the celebration abruptly ends when the teen accidentally cuts her arm on broken glass. The sight and smell of her blood trickling away forces the Cullen family to retreat lest they be tempted to make a meal of her. After all is mended, Edward, realizing the danger that he and his family create for Bella, sees no option for her safety but to leave. Mourning his departure, she slips into a downward spiral of depression that penetrates and lingers over her every step. Vampire fans will appreciate the subsequently dour mood that permeates the novel, and it's not until Bella befriends Jacob, a sophomore from her school with a penchant for motorcycles, that both the pace and her disposition begin to take off. Their adventures are wild, dare-devilish, and teeter on the brink of romance, but memories of Edward pervade Bella's emotions, and soon their fun quickly morphs into danger, especially when she uncovers the true identities of Jacob and his pack of friends. Less streamlined than Twilight yet just as exciting, New Moon will more than feed the bloodthirsty hankerings of fans of the first volume and leave them breathless for the third.Hillias J. Martin, New York Public Library

Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do Over Novel by Heather McElhatton

From Publishers Weekly
Adults who remember the Choose Your Own Adventure YA novels are the target audience for this debut from Public Radio International producer McElhatton. The book opens with a female second person's high school graduation, which leads "you" to two possible choices: travel or college. Each succeeding section (mostly between one and four pages) similarly offers two options for proceeding, leading to an impressive array of possible developments, from a trip to Rome that can result in a live-in Italian artist boyfriend, to a dead-end job as a phone sex operator with the moniker of Stormy Sioux. Situations include the playfully surreal, such as a stint in a German circus as a nude ice dancer, and the tender, as in a life lived on the Iceland coast with a lovely, seal-obsessed child who has Down syndrome and a devoted scientist husband. There's also crystal meth addiction, rape, death by explosion, bursts of salty humor and moments of descriptive lyricism, especially in McElhatton's many vivid imaginings of the afterlife ("heaven is a junk shop... broken beauty everywhere"). Nevertheless, many situations are cartoonish; some of the events repeat or overlap; and "You" remains a cipher, making this "Do-Over Novel" more role-playing for the rut-stuck than a good read.

I just finished another James Patterson earlier today (The Quickie), so I definitely don't want to start another one of his. Also, I recently finished Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi, so I don't want another non fiction quite yet. And though I am really excited to get into the next book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, I am DYING to start Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over Novel. I received this book in the mail through a book exchange I participated in on a popular website I like to chat on. My 'elf' sent me this book, and since my library doesn't have it, I was extra pumped to get it!!! A HUGE thank you to my fabulous elf - I can't wait to start this book!!!! =)

Can't wait to update my 2008 Book List!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jazzerific Story Time!!!

Today, we read stories about Jazz and music and dancing!!! It was SO much fun!!! We also made Tambourines (two paper plates, some macaroni noodles, some crayons and lots of tape), and the kids LOVED it!! Here are the books I read:

And, as always, Tuesday means FMRNS!!! WHOOOOOT!!! Of course, we'll be watching American Idol. I wasn't terribly impressed last week, so I hope this week's show is better!!! This week for our fabulous movie, we are watching The Dark Crystal from 1982, which is a live action fantasy, which stars Jim Henson's muppets!!

In totally unrelated news, I went to lunch at a hibachi restaurant with a couple of fellow librarians this afternoon. We were seated at a grill with a young man (probably 25ish) who was all by himself. Of course, the three of us librarians are pretty loud and crazy, and he totally jumped right in and joined our conversations, which was awesome. Later, when he got up to leave, he said "You know, librarians are WAY cooler than I thought they were!!"

That's right. Changing the face of librarians everywhere!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Interesting Saturday @ the 'brary

Well, today has certainly been interesting. We started out two circulation workers short (one being sick, the other being sent to another branch to help with THEIR shortages).

Not too much longer after that, I was approached by a very nice, very talkative former Bostonian. He had been appalled to find out that while he had been living in TN for a year, he was not able to vote in the primaries because he had not registered. After I found him a Voter's Registration Form, and found out where he could mail in his form, he decided that I needed to hear all about Obama, Clinton, McCain and why Obama should win, the electoral college, the delegates (Pledged and Unpledged), the states, the American voters living in other countries, the fact that Jeb Bush is itching for the office and how he would move to Europe of that happened. The man talked for around 45 minutes - and it was awesome! He was so animated and passionate about what he was saying, that I almost forgot that Politics generally bore me to tears... (Though I do have to admit, I have become a lot more interested in what's been going on recently!)

But, Voter Man wasn't just talking to me! This man engaged a nice father who had come in looking for books about the Lincoln Assassination and Rosa Parks. But while the father was asking me for books on these topics, the Voter Man had discovered that the library provides free access to downloadable audio books with your library card. Well, Voter Man and Library Dad proceeded to exclaim how cool the library was (um, yeah!), and I then gave them both a tutorial on how to access the audio books. They were both really nice patrons, and I actually had a blast talking to them.

Come to find out later from a coworker that Voter Man was so impressed by what the library has to offer, he wanted to know how to donate money to the library. Like thousands of dollars. Wow!!! My coworker gave him all relevant information, so we'll see how all that pans out!!

In contrast to Voter Man and Library Dad, I have had a helping of a different sort of patron. I have had to find the parents of at least 3 children UNDER the age of 4 years old to inform them of library policy where children SEVEN and younger need to stay with an adult at all times. One was running all over the building SCREAMING while mom was tucked away in the picture books. And although I would rather be tucked away in the picture books, too, you still have to watch your child!!

And, as always, I encountered the computer patrons. The ones who don't really listen when you are telling them how to do something. I had to explain how to make a reservation about 12 times today - 6 of those times to one person.

I shouldn't really complain, though. It's been a fairly busy day, and it's gone by pretty fast. Hot Topics of the day:

~ Lincoln Assassination (3 families requested info - a nearby elementary school's 5th grade project)
~ Rosa Parks (2 different requests)
~ Civil War
~ Great Depression
~ Muhammad Ali
~ Warriors series

And I can't forget to mention the 10 year old who couldn't make a reservation because the computers were full for the rest of the day...

10 Year Old: Why can't I make a reservation?
Real Librarian: I'm sorry, the computers are all full for the rest of the day.
10YO: Well, that SUCKS!!

It sure does, kid!

In other news, my friend A and I had FMRNS Bonus Night last night!! WHOOOOT!!! It was great!! We watched Wednesday's American Idol that we taped (the Girls show). After that was the feature of the evening - Angel Heart. Angel Heart is a horror film from 1987 starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro and Lisa Bonet. Definitely creepy, but definitely a fabulous horror movie. This was our second horror movie in a month...not cool!! A maintains that I need to have a well rounded movie education, and for that to happen we need to include all genres. I guess I have to agree, but I am not really a fan of the actual watching of horror movies.

Anyway, always looking forward to the next Fabulous Movie!! I'm drafting a post that has the entire list, so stay tuned!! =)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Library Patron

Dear Library Patron,

I understand that tax season is in full swing, and you want to use our public use computers to do TurboTax, or whatever site you use, to do your taxes. Have at it, but remember these things.

You get one hour on the computer. If there is no wait list for reservations, you do have the option of extending your time. This has to be done BEFORE the computer logs you out, however, otherwise you will lose your work. If you try to extend your time AFTER the computer logs you out, I might just laugh at you.

If there is a reservation for your computer after your hour is up, then there is no way we can extend your time. You have to go and make another reservation. Yes, I know this is frustrating, but you came to the library on a busy evening when there are tons of other people here using the computers.

No, we cannot tell the 10 year old who is surfing his MySpace page that you need his computer. That's not the way it works. You may think that your computer work is more important that MySpace, but that argument won't fly with the 10 year old. Plus, he made his reservation like everyone else, and he gets to use his time.

And the biggest one - NO, I cannot help you do your taxes. I've never used TurboTax, or whatever it is that you are trying to use, and even if I had, I am NOT a certified Tax Professional. Library employees are not allowed to do your taxes for you, and I don't know why you would think that that was a good idea, anyway.

Lucky for you, the library is hosting some real live tax professionals who come in twice a week to help people with their taxes - for FREE. Please stop harassing the nice library employees.

Thank you very much,

Your friendly neighborhood librarian.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A loooooong weekend

Because of President's Day on Monday, I was given a four day weekend. It was amazing!!! I spent most of the weekend lounging around and reading. I finished The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield (it was an AWESOME read - if you haven't gotten to it yet, you definitely need to!!), and started my journey through Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi. This also means I can update my 2008 Book List!!

On Monday, since the library was closed, my friend A and I decided that we were going to have an all day FMRNS Bonus Edition Double Feature Day of Fabulousness!!! We started out the day with a delicious breakfast at IHOP (mmmmm!), and then had the first of our Double Feature. We watched The Jerk from 1979 with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. Hilarious!!! After that, we watched the recording of American Idol from this past Wednesday, where they cut down the contestants to the Top 24!

Then, we hit the theater where we saw the IMAX presentation of The Spiderwick Chronicles! It was a super cute movie - and it was great on the IMAX screen!!!

After the movie, we went back to A's place where we put in the second of our FMRNS Double Feature. We decided to watch Antonia's Line from 1995 with Willeke van Ammelrooy and Els Dottermans.

And even after all of that, it was only 9:00!!! So we decided to watch my favorite cheese ball CSI guy, Horatio Caine, as he saves Miami from all of the bad guys!! I love CSI: Miami, and I LOVE Horatio Caine!!! =)

And so ends the perfect loooooong weekend. When is the next one?!

P.S. Last night, A and I decided to watch The Canterville Ghost - a comedy from 1944 with Charles Laughton, Robert Young, and Margaret O'Brien. It was very fabulous and perfect for my mood - I was definitely in the mood for a comedy!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quack Quack Tuesday!

Happy story time day!!! I had a great four day weekend (I'll blog about that later!), and it was hard to come back to work this morning! But, I remembered that it was story time, and even though I forgot to plan it before my 4 day weekend, just knowing it was coming made it easier to be here today!
After thinking about what theme is most likely to have several books to choose from this morning, I decided to have a Ducky Story Time!!! Here are the books we read today:

And, of course, it's FMRNS night!!! I LOVE Tuesdays!!! I think tonights feature is going to be Oklahoma! from 1955 with Gordon MacRae and Gloria Grahame, but that's not set in stone. We have a couple other options, but haven't nailed anything down yet. I'll be sure to fill you in on what we watch!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where is your library?

Do you wonder where your nearest library is? Here is a great tool to help you find the libraries in your area! Libraries411 will help you locate your nearest public library branch - that is if you live in the US or Canada.

Thanks to Infodoodads for the original post!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day story time!!!

Love is in the air!!! Of course, since Valentine's Day is on Thursday, we have to celebrate at story time today!! Here are the books I chose!!

And, as always, it's FMRNS!!! YAY!! Today is a special edition of FMRNS, because A and I have managed to get free tickets to an advanced screening of The Spiderwick Chronicles, which premiers on February 14. I haven't actually read the books in this series, but they are consistently checked out of my library, and I hear people raving about them all the time. The trailer looks really cool, too!! I can't wait!!

After that, we are still going to have the FMRNS feature of the evening, which is Night Gallery from 1969. It's a horror/thriller with Joan Crawford, Ossie Davis and Roddy McDowell. After tonight, there are only 20 movies left on The List. How sad is that?!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Currently Reading - Audience Participation!

This morning I picked up Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, the first book in The Twilight Saga, and was instantly hooked. By the end of the first page, I knew putting this book down was going to be a problem. I am about 200 pages into it, and I seriously considered calling in sick to work so I could stay home and finish this book.

Here is a review from the School Library Journal, found on Amazon:

Starred Review. Grade 9 Up–Headstrong, sun-loving, 17-year-old Bella declines her mom's invitation to move to Florida, and instead reluctantly opts to move to her dad's cabin in the dreary, rainy town of Forks, WA. She becomes intrigued with Edward Cullen, a distant, stylish, and disarmingly handsome senior, who is also a vampire. When he reveals that his specific clan hunts wildlife instead of humans, Bella deduces that she is safe from his blood-sucking instincts and therefore free to fall hopelessly in love with him. The feeling is mutual, and the resulting volatile romance smolders as they attempt to hide Edward's identity from her family and the rest of the school. Meyer adds an eerie new twist to the mismatched, star-crossed lovers theme: predator falls for prey, human falls for vampire. This tension strips away any pretense readers may have about the everyday teen romance novel, and kissing, touching, and talking take on an entirely new meaning when one small mistake could be life-threatening. Bella and Edward's struggle to make their relationship work becomes a struggle for survival, especially when vampires from an outside clan infiltrate the Cullen territory and head straight for her. As a result, the novel's danger-factor skyrockets as the excitement of secret love and hushed affection morphs into a terrifying race to stay alive. Realistic, subtle, succinct, and easy to follow, Twilight will have readers dying to sink their teeth into it.–Hillias J. Martin, New York Public Library

I have already put the next two books in the series, New Moon and Eclipse, on hold, but I'm number 15 for New Moon and number 44 for Eclipse - and I don't know if I can wait that long!!! *gasp* I might actually have to go buy them!!! Oh, and if you are already a Twilight Saga fan, then you must be excited for the fourth and final book of the series, Breaking Dawn, to come out in August!!

So, what are YOU reading right now? Are you enjoying it? Do you recommend it? Leave me a comment and let me know!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Valentine's Day party!!

Today I am hosting a Valentine's Day party for the kids of my branch!! Yay!! It's going to be a fabulous party! I always plan to read one story, play at least one game, have two craft stations ready, and then serve a couple of snacks. I also have some activities for the kids to take home, like a Valentine's Day Word Search or a Crossword Puzzle (from DLTK Kids) Here are the plans:

Read: One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell

Play: HEART Bingo (from Kaboose)

Make: Puffy Heart (from Kaboose)

Make: Popsicle Stick picture frames (from Kaboose)

Serve: Valentine's Day Cookies, Conversation Hearts, Sprite

Hooray!!! I love throwing parties for the kids!!

In other news, my friend A and I had Bonus Night of FMRNS last night!! We watched Wednesday's American Idol, and then our feature presentation. The Poseidon Adventure from 1972 with Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Roddy McDowall, and Shelley Winters. As always, it was a fabulous movie!! Like I said, The List NEVER disappoints!!

There are a total of 19 movies left on The List. We're trying to get through the rest of The List before I move, although there are only about 10 weeks before the tentative move date. We have no doubt that we'll make it through - but there will be many Bonus Nights and probably a couple of Double Feature nights, too!!

One of these days I'll get all organized and post The List in its entirety!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Library Lovers' Month and a Meme

February is Library Lovers' Month!!! Who knew?! This site shows some great ways for you to show you love your library, including sending postcards and e-cards, and a page that tells you exactly what you can do for your library! Thanks to Life and Times of a "New" New Yorker for posting about this!!

Also, this meme is floating around the library blogs. I first saw it posted on @ the library, and even though I have not been officially tagged, I decided I wanted to play, too.

Here are the rules:


1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pgs.)
2. Open the book to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the next three sentences
5. Tag five people

I have been debating starting Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi, so this is the book we are going to go with (that, and the real book that was nearest - The Memory Keeper's Daughter, has nothing but the year 1970 on page 123).

I could symnathize with LAPD; the media were blasting the department almost daily. On the other hand, it would be nothing compared to the public response if we let Susan Atkins walk off scot-free. I couldn't forget Susan describing how it felt to taste Sharon Tate's blood: "Wow, what a trip!"

Um, that's a little chilling!! Yikes.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but please feel free to steal this for your own blog!! Be sure to leave a comment with me if you choose to do this - I'd love to see your results, too!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I lost my Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!!! Happy SUPER Tuesday!!! My branch of the library is known as a Fail Safe Voting site. Meaning, you can vote here, but ONLY if you have a name change, an adress change, or some other kind of problem. Well, some people don't really appreciate this - they SWEAR this is their regular voting site. We've NEVER been a regular voting site on election day - only early voting. I've been at work since 6:45 - the voting started promptly at 7. I've already had quite a few voters yell at me because of this.

Anyway, back to story time - the most exciting part of the morning!!! I decided to read books about lost things, and today we've lost (and found!!) a bunny, a moo, and a teddy bear!!! Here are the books that I am reading today.

And of course, it's FMRNS!!! We have a couple of options for tonight's feature. Antonia's Line, from 1995, is a foreign Dramedy with Willeke van Ammelrooy and Els Dottermans. Our second option is It's a Wonderful Life, the classic Christmas story from 1946 with James Stewart and Donna Reed. Now, I know what you are thinking. "You never seen It's a Wonderful Life?!?!" No, I haven't. Well, at least not all the way through from start to finish. I've seen a bit here, a piece there, and I know about the movie. But, it's true, I have never seen the whole film.

And back to Super Tuesday. The Book Club Girl Blog posted a great post yesterday for those of you who want to vote, but are still undecided on who to vote for. The book is called The Undecided Voters Guide to the Next President by political analyist Mark Halperin, and it is currently online and free!!! I hear it's the essential reading guide so you can make the most informed decision about who you believe will make the best President. View it online for free until February 11.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Remember to get out there and VOTE!!! =)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend adventures

It was such an awesome weekend!!! It all started on Thursday when DH and I went to see the Nashville Predators take on the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Preds won 4-2!! GO PREDS!!

On Friday, I had the day off, so I spent a lot of time reading, relaxing, and doing laundry. After all that, my friend A and I decided to have FMRNS Bonus Night - Double Feature!!! Friday's selections were Somewhere in Time from 1980 with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, and our second feature was Meet Me in St. Louis from 1944 with Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien. Both were absolutely fabulous movies!! The List never disappoints!!!

Saturday, both DH and I had the day off, and we decided that Saturday would be our Valentine's Day. This is a tradition that started back when we were a long distance couple. We were not able to actually spend out first Valentine's Day together, but DH was visiting me in January, so we decided to celebrate during his visit. Since then, we've always celebrated our Valentine's Day early - which works out perfect for us! We spent most of Saturday lounging around and grocery shopping for Super Bowl Sunday. Then we had a delicious meal at Bonefish Grill.

Sunday, we slept in (which is rare for me!), and began our day at the Nashville Zoo, where they were celebrating Zoo-per Bowl Sunday with half price admission! After that, we came back home, turned on Ryan Seacrest and the Super Bowl Pre-game Show, and started cooking. We made Beer Cheese Soup (it wasn't very good...if anyone has a good tried and true recipe, I'd love it if you shared it with me!), homemade tortilla chips and a Tex-Mex salsa (courtesy of Good Eats 'n Sweet Treats), tons of veggies, and homemade pizza. It was a full day of deliciousness!! We actually watched the whole Super Bowl!! I'm not a fan of either the Giants or the Patriots, but I was rooting for the Giants - WHOOOOOT!!!

I also managed to get some reading done this weekend!! I finished Born Standing Up: a comic's life by Steve Martin and Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich. Both highly entertaining reads!! Here are the reviews for these books.

From Amazon for Born Standing Up:

At age 10, Steve Martin got a job selling guidebooks at the newly opened Disneyland. In the decade that followed, he worked in Disney's magic shop, print shop, and theater, and developed his own magic/comedy act. By age 20, studying poetry and philosophy on the side, he was performing a dozen times a week, most often at the Disney rival, Knott's Berry Farm. Obsession is a substitute for talent, he has said, and Steve Martin's focus and daring--his sheer tenacity--are truly stunning. He writes about making the very tough decision to sacrifice everything not original in his act, and about lucking into a job writing for The Smothers Brothers Show. He writes about mentors, girlfriends, his complex relationship with his parents and sister, and about some of his great peers in comedy--Dan Ackroyd, Lorne Michaels, Carl Reiner, Johnny Carson. He writes about fear, anxiety and loneliness. And he writes about how he figured out what worked on stage.
This book is a memoir, but it is also an illuminating guidebook to stand-up from one of our two or three greatest comedians. Though Martin is reticent about his personal life, he is also stunningly deft, and manages to give readers a feeling of intimacy and candor. Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs collected by Martin, this book is instantly compelling visually and a spectacularly good read.

From Amazon for Plum Lucky:

Looking to get lucky?Stephanie Plum is back between-the-numbers and she's looking to get lucky in an Atlantic City hotel room, in a Winnebago, and with a brown-eyed stud who has stolen her heart.Stephanie Plum has a way of attracting danger, lunatics, oddballs, bad luck . . . and mystery men. And no one is more mysterious than the unmentionable Diesel. He's back and hot on the trail of a little man in green pants who's lost a giant bag of money. Problem is, the money isn't exactly lost. Stephanie's Grandma Mazur has found it, and like any good Jersey senior citizen, she's hightailed it in a Winnebago to Atlantic City and hit the slots. With Lula and Connie in tow, Stephanie attempts to bring Grandma home, but the luck of the Irish is rubbing off on everyone: Lula's found a job modeling plus-size lingerie. Connie's found a guy. Diesel's found Stephanie. And Stephanie has found herself in over her head with a caper involving thrice-stolen money, a racehorse, a car chase, and a bad case of hives. Plum Lucky is an all-you-can-eat buffet of thrills, chills, shrimp cocktail, plus-size underwear, and scorching hot men. It's a between-the-numbers treat no Evanovich fan will want to miss!

So, all in all - it was a FABULOUS weekend!!!

In other news, I sent out my second job application last week, and will be sending out my third sometime later this week. I have yet to hear anything back from the first application - that position closed on January 21st, so it's been two weeks. I am also getting excited to go to the Public Library Association Conference in Minneapolis in March, where they are offering placement services! I fully intend on looking into that!!!

Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another run-in with a satisfied patron

You might remember this post from the very beginning of the year. Well it seems that my fabulous co-worker, C, has had the pleasure of repeated encounters with this very happy patron. C, who writes the blogs Children's Books - Too Cool for School and B.A.B.A.E.L, relayed this encounter with our friend, who I'll name Confused Internet Guy.

First let me remind you that the computers automatically shut down 15 minutes before the library closes, and we always make an announcement at 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes letting people know when the library is closing. NYE (as in the previous post), was a rare occasion due to the circumstances I described in that post.

Confused Internet Guy: So the library closes at 7:45 today?
Coworker C: No, sir, we close at 8:00.
CIG: So I can use the computers until 8:00 then?
CC: No, sir, the computers shut down at 7:45.
CIG: Well, I just don't know. They shut them down one time at 5:45, so I just want to make sure.
CC: Well, sir, they shut down 15 minutes before we close, whatever closing time is that day, and we always announce it!:

C then told me in an email that this isn't the first time she's had almost the exact same conversation with him, either. She said "Apparently, you just rocked his whole foundation on New Years Eve!

Thanks, C, for letting me use your story!!! =)