Monday, June 28, 2010

And the winner is...

First off, I have to apologize for being so late in announcing the winners to this giveaway!!! I haven't had a chance to get online (did I mention that I *still* don't have Internet at home?! It TOTALLY drives me INSANE!!!), and my blog has suffered. But, I'm here now, and since I am late with this, I have decided to also give away my gently read review copy!! So, there will be TWO lucky winners!!! YAY!!!! So the winners of The Starlet by Mary McNamera are...

Congratulations!!! I have sent you each an email requesting your snail mail addresses!!! Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks for reading my blog!!!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Review and Giveaway!! The Starlet by Mary McNamara

About the book:
It’s a not-so-well-respected rule in Hollywood that what happens on location stays on location. But when a hot young leading man winds up dead in his Rome hotel room, his costar’s life is about to go off the rails in a very public way—even by celeb standards. At the tender age of twenty-three, Mercy Talbot has won an Oscar, battled addiction, wrecked more than her share of cars, and burned down her house. Her look-alike mother keeps her on a tight leash (and fueled with an endless supply of OxyContin and cocaine) and her producers demand a grueling schedule. By the time she stumbles across Juliette Greyson, a Hollywood insider on a much-needed vacation, Mercy is surrounded by photographers and about to emerge drunk, high, and naked from a public fountain. Whisking her away to an idyllic Tuscan ‘retreat,’ Juliette is about to discover another rule of Hollywood: wherever the starlet may go, the drama will follow.

OMG, you guys, The Starlet by Mary McNamara was amazing. I couldn't put it down!!! It's the story of Mercy Talbot, and it seems to have been ripped from the headlines of a certain ailing starlet of our time. The characters are so vivid and seem so real that you really feel like you are a part of their lives. The death of Mercy's costar, Lloyd, fuels Mercy's already thriving drug addiction. Despite the "help" of her attention seeking mother and a well known rehab, Mercy seems unable to kick her habit. However, she is the most amazing actress, able to turn into her character flawlessly, whether she's high or not.

Not only are the characters real and believable, but the setting where the book takes place also comes alive. This novel is set in Tuscany, Italy, and McNamara's descriptions of the countryside and the villa where most of the book takes place are so stunning, you feel like you are actually there.

And, there is a mystery in this story as well. What's really going on behind the scenes of Mercy's latest movie? Is the rehab guru really there to help, or is he just attention seeking and money hungry? And what secrets are these characters hiding?

You have to pick up this book, it's amazing!!! In fact, I have an extra copy to give away!!! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!!! Be sure to include a valid email address, or you won't be entered, I have to have a way to contact you!!! Contest is open to EVERYONE, and closes on Tuesday, June 22. I'll pick a winner using on Wednesday, June 23. Good luck!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking responsibility

It's amazing how many people there are out there who just don't want to take responsibility for their actions or maybe lack of action. I don't know where it comes from, but seriously, you see things like this every day. I have a perfect example of that here.

Old Cranky Woman: So, I have an overdue fine on my card.

Real Librarian: Oh, okay, would you like to take care of that today?

OCW: Actually, you have my phone number and my email address. Why didn't you contact me to let me know that they were due?

RL: Well, you can go to our website and set up email or phone notifications that will tell you when your items are two days away from being due.

OCW: No one called me, so I don't think I should have to pay for this.

RL: Well, we do give you a due date slip when you check them out, so you know when they are due back.

OCW: Unbelievable. Well, they were my grand kids books, I'll make them pay for it.

Um, ok. Seriously, if you are late, you pay, that's just how it goes. That's been library policy FOREVER!!! Write it on your calendar, put it on an alarm on your phone, something.

I guess we'll see if the Old Cranky Woman makes her grand kids pay for their fines. Those evil grand kids.