Friday, November 30, 2007

I don't have an accent!

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Northeast
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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Thanks to MissRancher from tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... for finding this quiz!!

Oh, and she's right - it IS called POP!!!

*** In other news, it's my dear husband's birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday, baby!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Whack ass liberry

We are one of the few places that still has a pay phone available. It is located in our lobby, right by the front door. We always refer people to the pay phone in the lobby if they ask us to use the phone. We make very few exceptions - if an adult has an emergency, or if a kid needs to call for a ride home and they don't have any money for the pay phone. If a kid does need to use our business phone, we tell them that next time they will need to set up a time with their ride before coming to the library, or they need to bring money for the pay phone.

Today, a teenage girl comes running up to the desk.

TG: Lemme use your phone.
Real Librarian: We have a pay phone in the lobby.
TG: **while she is walking away** They gon' make me use the fucking pay phone in this whack ass liberry!

She walked away before I could ask if she was calling for a ride and she could use the phone, but after that comment, I wasn't about to help her.

The lack of respect that is circulating around society never ceases to amaze me. That and common courtesy and common sense. You don't see much of any of these things anymore!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Story time with a special guest

My mom is visiting me in Nashville this weekend, and I am SO excited that she is coming to story time!!! She has never seen me do story time before, so I can't wait! Since we have such a special guest with us, I am reading fun stories about moms!!! The first three are the ones that I decided to read today, the next few are additional books I found about moms!

And, as always, it is FMRNS Night!!! I am dropping my mom off at the airport, and heading directly to my friend A's place! The feature of the evening is The Last Temptation of Christ from 1988.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun signs @ the Library

It's been a while since I updated my blog!!! I've had the best weekend with my mom in town for the Thanksgiving holiday. She rocks my face off - my mom is seriously one of the coolest people I know. She is leaving tomorrow evening, and I am really sad that she has to go back to her reality!!

I'm going to be a lazy blogger for one more day, though. Woeful at @ the Library posted some fun library signage. the other day. I wish we could post some of these at my library!!!

Thanks to Woeful (LOVE your blog)!!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with my usual Tuesday story time post!!! =)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ahh, Thanksgiving. A time to think and reflect on what you are thankful for. I am so fortunate, there is so much for me to be thankful for.

I am very excited because my mom is flying to Nashville to visit us for Thanksgiving. She'll be here tomorrow early evening. I haven't seem my mom since April, so I am SUPER excited!!! I'm sad that my dad won't be joining her in the trek to Nashville, but I understand why he decided to stay home (sorta). My mom and I always have a great time while she's here. We LOVE to go downtown to Second Ave. and live it up at the honky-tonks. By far, our favorite is Tootsies Orchid Lounge. We get there early (around noon!) and belly up to the bar to listen to live music, people watch, and of course, drink beer!!

I, however, am NOT a fan of shopping. In fact, the whole idea of Black Friday kinda sounds like torture to me. Did you know there are stores opening at 4:00 AM on Black Friday?!?! Um, yikes. My mom is a serious shopper. When we were younger, we would spend Thanksgiving at a hotel so my mom and aunts could hit the stores early. She LOVES getting up and being at the door before it opens and getting the best deals. I am considering just handing her the keys and drawing a map to the nearest Kohls.

My mom will be here until Tuesday afternoon. I am taking a little time off work on Monday, and then coming in for story time on Tuesday morning before spending the rest of the day with my mom. The coolest thing about that is she is going to come to work with me and watch me do story time!!! She's never seen that before, so I am super excited to have a special guest. And, in honor of our special guest, I am planning on reading books about moms!!! 'Cuz moms are special!!!

Anyway, I might not be around my blog for a couple days. I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe, fun, relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!!

Gobble Gobble!!!

Thanksgiving funny

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday! Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!! Since Thursday is Thanksgiving, I am sure you know what I'll be reading about this week!! Here are the books I picked out:

And, as always, it's FMRNS Night!!! In case you aren't sure, FMRNS = Fabulous Movies Real's Never Seen Night. My friend 'A' and I have been getting together every Tuesday for the past 3 years. Before that, our movie watching was more sporadic. 'A' became my first friend when I moved to Nashville. The whole fabulous movie thing started one night while 'A' was asking me if I had seen this movie, or that movie... And I hadn't. 'A' decided that he was going to take it upon himself to educate me, and I am so glad he did!!! Some of the movies on the list that I hadn't seen before FMRNS was developed include:

The Color Purple (1985) with Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey.

Jaws (1975)
Gone With the Wind (1939) with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh

The Graduate (1967) with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.
Charlotte's Web (1973)
Indiana Jones (all of them - 1981, 1984, 1989) with Harrison Ford.
Several Audry Hepburn movies
and pretty much all the Hitchcock movies.
We watch movies from every genre and decade. We have now watched over 150 movies.

The movies aren't the only thing, though. We always have a fabulous dinner, some great snacks, and our reality talent competition of the moment (American Idol, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance) And we laugh...a lot. In fact, we have been known to laugh so hard that our tummies hurt and we have tears rolling down our cheeks. We call that "A's Pilates." We always have so much fun!!!

Last week we were going to watch La Strada (1954), the only Fellini movie on the list, but we just weren't in the mood for that type of movie. So, instead we watched The Terminator. We also had a special edition of FMRNS Night this past Friday, where we watched Jackie Brown.

So, this week, we are definitely going to watch La Strada - we have it out from Interlibrary Loan, and it needs to go back!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Currently Reading

I just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. It was an amazing story that followed two Afghanistan women from the time they were children throughout their lives. I really enjoyed it - very powerful, and full of history. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly:

Starred Review. Afghan-American novelist Hosseini follows up his bestselling The Kite Runner with another searing epic of Afghanistan in turmoil. The story covers three decades of anti-Soviet jihad, civil war and Taliban tyranny through the lives of two women. Mariam is the scorned illegitimate daughter of a wealthy businessman, forced at age 15 into marrying the 40-year-old Rasheed, who grows increasingly brutal as she fails to produce a child. Eighteen later, Rasheed takes another wife, 14-year-old Laila, a smart and spirited girl whose only other options, after her parents are killed by rocket fire, are prostitution or starvation. Against a backdrop of unending war, Mariam and Laila become allies in an asymmetrical battle with Rasheed, whose violent misogyny—"There was no cursing, no screaming, no pleading, no surprised yelps, only the systematic business of beating and being beaten"—is endorsed by custom and law. Hosseini gives a forceful but nuanced portrait of a patriarchal despotism where women are agonizingly dependent on fathers, husbands and especially sons, the bearing of male children being their sole path to social status. His tale is a powerful, harrowing depiction of Afghanistan, but also a lyrical evocation of the lives and enduring hopes of its resilient characters. (May)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

I am about to start the book The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. I read The Lovely Bones by this author, and was blown away by it. I have high hopes for this book, but I have heard some negative things from friends who have read it. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly:

Sebold's disappointing second novel (after much-lauded The Lovely Bones) opens with the narrator's statement that she has killed her mother. Helen Knightly, herself the mother of two daughters and an art class model old enough to be the mother of the students who sketch her nude figure, is the dutiful but resentful caretaker for her senile 88-year-old mother, Clair. One day, traumatized by the stink of Clair's voided bowels and determined to bathe her, Helen succumbs to a life-long dream and smothers Clair, who had sucked the life out of [Helen] day by day, year by year. After dragging Clair's corpse into the cellar and phoning her ex-husband to confess her crime, Helen has sex with her best friend's 30-year-old blond-god doofus son. Jumping between past and present, Sebold reveals the family's fractured past (insane, agoraphobic mother; tormented father, dead by suicide) and creates a portrait of Clair that resembles Sebold's own mother as portrayed in her memoir, Lucky. While Helen has clearly suffered at her mother's hands, the matricide is woefully contrived, and Helen's handling of the body and her subsequent actions seem almost slapstick. Sebold can write, that's clear, but her sophomore effort is not in line with her talent. (Oct.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

What are YOU reading? =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's our one year anniversary!

November 18, 2006. That's the day that I married the man of my dreams in Cozumel, Mexico. It couldn't have been more perfect. Seventeen people joined us for the wedding, our parents, siblings and a few of our closest friends.

The day was bright looking out at the ocean, but looking the other way, the sky was dark and kinda scary! Luckily, the storm held off, and gave us a perfect (yet windy) day.

This year, on our anniversary, both DH and I have to work. BUMMER!!! But, that's okay. DH has made reservations at a fancy restaurant (he still won't tell me where!), so we will be going out for a romantic dinner to celebrate.

Since the first anniversary gift is paper, I ordered DH a print from Indigo Night. You give them the special date, and they calculate what stars were out and where they were situated on that date! A personalized night sky!! I'm very excited, I know he'll love it!

Also, I ordered us a Tres Leches cake. This was the flavor of cake we had at the wedding, and it was delicious!!!! Unfortunately, we lost most of the cake in Mexico! We brought it back to our suite to put it in the fridge after the reception. What we didn't know was that one of my bridesmaids unplugged the fridge to iron her dress, and never plugged the fridge back in. It was so sad!! DH has no clue that I am getting this cake - it's going to be a great surprise!!

Anyway, after a year of marriage, I love my husband more every day. He means so much to me and I can't imagine life without him. We continue to grow together and learn about each other. He surprises me with the little things he remembers and the sweet things he does. He is always looking out for me. I appreciate him and everything he does for me and for us. I feel so fortunate to have him and am so happy we found each other!

Now, enough mush. I have some AMAZING wedding photos that I am going to share with you now. I have to give props to my fantastic photographers, Stephanie and Kristyn from Art of Light Photography. Check out their blog for their latest adventures!!

And now, some of my favorite wedding pictures!!

We had a very talented towel artist!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my flowers

My shoes were too fun!!

I love this picture of my ring! My DH did a great job!!

This is a fantastic picture of our rings on our vows!!

The beautiful ceremony location!

I decided that all three of my Bridesmaids were Maids of Honor. This is me with Tanya, we've been friends since the 8th grade!! Isn't she gorgeous?!

This is me with my 'sista' Heather! We decided in college that we were sisters from another mother! She looks so beautiful!!

And here is me with Brenda, a dear friend from college. She was with me when we picked up everything we knew and moved to Tennessee. She is absolutely stunning!!

Our adorable little flower girl.

My dad walking me down the aisle. See how crazy dark the sky was behind us?!

This is one of my favorites!

Love the dip picture!!!

And here are some of my favorite Day After Shoot pictures! We had the best time with our photographers the morning after the wedding. It was so funny - some other guests of the resort who had seen us get married the day before actually went up to DHs mom and sister and said "Did you know your son and his new wife are rolling around on the beach and the photographers are taking pictures?!?!" lol

And last, this is the photo collage Thank You card I designed. I love how they turned out (though Shutterfly decided to cut off the very top and the very bottom of the picture!).

I know this post has nothing to do with libraries or being a librarian, but I just had to share. I am so happy and excited about our first anniversary, and know we will have many more!!