Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: The Go Getter Girls Guide by Debra Shigley

When I got an email from Debra Shigley asking me to read her book, The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide, I was intrigued. She also sent me a link to an interview she did on CNN (check it out here!). After watching the interview, I couldn’t wait to read the book!! Debra is so animated and passionate about what she’s talking about, you could just feel her excitement and her drive to help women to get ahead in their careers.

This book is obviously a non-fiction guide, but it truly doesn’t read like that. It is full of stories from women who have made their way up the ladder and how they got there. It talks about so many different topics from networking and office politics and office gossip (Don’t Do IT!!), to wardrobe building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All of these things are important in helping the GGG (Go-Getter Girl) build self confidence, and move her way up the ladder.

This book is also filled with GGG Gems, Nuggets of Wisdom and Pearls. It really does cover everything a woman needs to know about stepping into the workplace, whether she is a new graduate beginning her career, or a woman who is either switching careers or looking to move up. I think that this would make a perfect graduation gift (Or Christmas gift for that matter!) for any girl!!

Thanks so much to Debra for sending me her book. I have definitely taken lots of the info from your book and am applying it to my own personal situation. I loved the guide, and hope that it spreads around like wildfire!

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