Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review: Pregnant Pause

I was pretty excited to get the email from Jenn about the book Pregnant Pause by Carrie Friedman. A book about people who may not want kids, or those who just aren’t ready yet?! I’d LOVE to read it!!!

And I’m so glad I did!!! It wasn’t just another dry non fiction book. It was written for those of us who just aren’t ready or just aren’t sure if they even want kids. It was written for those of us who have to keep hearing the question “Sooooo, when are you going to get on the baby train?” And it was written for those of us who have multiple friends who already have kids, and feel the pressure from – well, just about everywhere.

I got married about two and a half years ago, lots of my married friends have kids already, and believe me, I’ve been reminded that I’m not getting any younger. Reading this book, I seriously thought that someone had gotten inside my head, read all my thoughts on the subject and then wrote it all down.

Ms. Friedman reminds us, in a witty, truthful and funny way that it’s not selfish to not want kids, or to not be ready to have them when the rest of the world is ready for you to. She also tells some fabulous stories about unruly kids, and some…interesting parenting techniques.

I laughed out loud in several different places of this book, all the while nodding my head thinking “YES!” I’ve told several of my single/married without kids girlfriends about this book, too, and I’m sure they are going to feel the same way.

So, a huge thank you to Carrie Friedman for finally writing down all the things I have been thinking about kids! And, if you’ve ever experienced this question coming from your mom, your great aunt, your friends who already have kids, or random strangers, then you need to read this book. Even if you already have kids, you’ll still get a kick out of this book!!

Check out Carrie's website to read more about her, her books and articles and read her blog, too!!

Thanks to Jenn for sending me this awesome book - and making sure I knew I was not alone!!!!


simple girl said...

I'm so glad you posted this! It sounds like just what I need to read. I'm 28 and have heard the "you're not getting any younger" lecture quite often. But I just don't 'feel' it yet and I often wonder if there's something wrong with me. I think I need to pick this book up quick! Thanks

Kat Bryan said...

This does sound interesting. Even after almost 40 years of marriage, I can remember people hounding us since we had just one child. Right now a close family member is having somewhat of a crisis in their marriage - one wants and is obsessed with having a baby and the other doesn't want kids. Why don't all people talk about such things BEFORE they get married?

bermudaonion said...

What a fun book! We were married for 8 years before our son was born and my mother in law started requesting grandchildren at our wedding reception.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Thanks for the review. :) It sounds like a fabulous and original book. I've been married for a year this April, so now that we're no longer newlyweds, we get these questions on an even more frequent basis. I have to admit, I have baby fever much of the time, and am desperate for one of my own, but the time is simply not right. Not yet. :)

EMS Chick said...

Thanks for the review! I am going to have to check it out. We've been married 4 years now and the constant "so how many kids do you have? NONE? OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!" gets...tiring.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for posting this! It sounds like a great book. My library doesn't have it :( but I just put it on hold at B&N. Can't wait to read it!