Thursday, October 16, 2008

I voted!!

Happy Early Voting everyone!!! I am excited to say that today, I exercised my right to vote!! HOOOORAY!!!!

My library is an Early Voting site for the presidential election. Which means we have TONS of extra people coming in to the library to vote (On Wednesday, we had 1,400+ people come in to the library JUST to vote! That's AWESOME!!! They are expecting at LEAST 20,000 people to vote at our Early Voting location ALONE!!!) Though, being an early voting site does come with some interesting adventures and stories.

First, early voting starts at 8:00 AM. The library itself doesn't open until 9:30. Which means that sometimes, the building is open, but the Library is closed. I blogged about this once before - very fun times!!

I am lucky enough, once again, to be the one who comes in extra early to police the building before the library opens. I have to tell you - I kinda like it. Here are a couple stories from the first two mornings:

**This happened about 30 minutes before early voting started. The EV staff tends to think they can do whatever, so they will come in and out of the building by pulling the doors open and shut. Keep in mind there is already a line of people waiting to get in. They see the EV staff opening the doors to come in and out... I bet you know what's coming.

Lady who is Determined to Vote: **pulls doors open and struts in**
Real Librarian: Um, excuse me, can I help you?
LDV: **with ATTITUDE** I'm goin' to VOTE.
RL: I'm sorry, actually, the voting doesn't open until 8:00, you'll have to wait outside.
LDV: I don't have TIME to wait. Plus, the radio said I could vote at 7.
Well, it took a while, but I finally got her to realize that no matter what she heard on the radio, the voting was NOT open. Oh, and I did manage to sneak in "that's why the doors were closed." heh heh heh


Man in Green Shirt: Can you tell me the hours of the early voting?
Real Librarian: Sure - here they are (shows him schedule).
MGS: Great - my wife will have to come in on Saturday, it's the only time she can come!
RL: Well, great - we'll see her here on Saturday!
**MGS leaves and comes back in about 5-7 minutes later.
MGS: My wife doesn't have to come in on Saturday!! She's here right now!!!
RL: BWAHAHAHAHA (yes, I really did laugh - he was a good sport!)


bermudaonion said...

I don't think we have early voting around here. Our son is away at college and he has to vote by absentee ballot.

April Ziegler said...

Hehe... I always love your library stories. You have some interesting characters around there. =) Have a good weekend!!

Becky said...

Way to do your civic duty!

Fyrefly said...

Our town has organized early voting as well, and I absolutely love it - especially seeing so many people standing in line (there was an hour wait at one site, which we weren't willing to do, so we went to another site, which was about a 25 minute wait), just to vote!